Paris, Je t'aime!

We took a two hour bus into the city from La Harve, the port our ship was docked at and marveled at this wonderful city. Four hours was a painful amount of city since Basti and I wanted to stay four weeks but we made the most of it! We met up with his friends, Archie and Vita from Berklee that live in the city, had coffee and croissants at Archie’s beautiful apartment and were so happy to be in a home. Then we wandered in Montemarte, my favorite artsy area of the city and bought some paintings from local artists in the area that Van Gogh and Picasso lived many years ago. We then had a crazy experience getting back. Basti thankfully speaks French and asked a woman where we could get a cab in the area because our time was running out. She explained we couldn’t get one close but that she would give us a ride, my stranger danger mentality went off but she was a 40+ year old mom so we hopped in and thankfully she helped us get back to our bus station! Thank god for the kindness of strangers! It was very hard to leave but the race back helped distract us!