On a mission in Estonia

I had my eye on the prize…I was going to find cute little handmade dolls/toys by some grandma down in a basement for my nieces and start a fun project. I’m stealing the Flat Stanley idea but with my own special friends individually picked out for my three nieces: Vera, Kaylee and Brooklynn. Tallinn is bursting with homemade crafts and I knew I had found them when a sweet old woman showed me just about everyone in the store and then after I bought them insisted she help me stuff them into my backpack. By the end of the experience, we were old friends. The rest of the afternoon consisted of me taking photos of them throughout Estonia and my friends getting a good laugh at what a loon I looked like. WORTH IT! The little stuffed pig, cat, and elephant are now named Peek-a-boo, Coco, and Sprinkles, for an update on their adventure through the summer, go onto my facebook page and find the album “I LOVE MY NEICES”. We ended the adventure in a café underground…literally in a cave in the coolest spot. We had a window sill seat that faced into the main old town square, enjoyed a coffee and headed home! Mission accomplished!